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"Space War Battle Cadet Deluxe" is a 2 color-matching, bullet-hell, top down, 3D shoot 'em up game.

As a Cadet in the Space Military Alliance, you will fly to multiple destinations across the galaxy to fight enemy forces. Match your ship color to the enemy ship color to destroy them. Additionally, color match enemy bullets to absorb them to charge your own super attack!

This demo is a beta sneak peak into the game currently in development. It features a tutorial and a level. Full release of the game pushed to September!


8 complete levels: on 4 unique Destinations!
* Cloud City
* Gestalt Station
* Crystal Mountains
* Darkmatter Refinery

Ship Hangar:
* Customize your ship colors
* Choose between 4 different supers

* More color combinations to choose from
* One handed "one touch/tap" control scheme

UI Updates:
New Galaxy Map level select
New Ship Hangar main menu
New UI

Godspeed Cadet!

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsJannMjoen, Juturna2jz
Tags3D, Bullet Hell, color-blindness-support, Colorful, Space, Unity

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